Period Tailoring for the Chronally Displaced

Some period items can be found in my modest on-line shop, however the majority of my work is to bespoke order.

Period costume from the Wiserabbit comes in three standards of finish on a sliding cost scale.

Theatrical Quality: Clothing made to this standard is designed to create the correct impression, without being prohibitively expensive. The costume is machine finished and modern materials, carefully selected to give the right impression may be used. The standard of finish is high and solid, but may not satisfy some purists. Recommended for theatre productions and basic costume needs.

Enhanced Standard: For the slightly more authentic finish, only hidden seams are worked by machine. All visible stitching is hand sewn and finished in a period appropriate style.

Re-enactment Grade: Where appropriate, all stitching is worked by hand and period accurate material only is used. For the purists, or those who really do have access to a time machine!


Please Note: For ethical reasons, I do not work with leather, animal based glues or real fur. I can usually suggest a alternative material.

Photograph by Quattrofoto